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This is the first blog post of our new website and we couldn’t be more thrilled.  If you don’t have a ton of time…skip down to the juicier parts of this post…but wait, the beginning of this post is pretty exciting too!

While this site may look effortless, it has taken us quite some time to get up and running.  Why? Well, we are busy.  Busy designers. Busy moms. Busy wives. Busy friends. And well #verybusy. But, honestly…we see it as our lives being happily full.  We live very full lives with real and normal things that all of your lives are also so very full of.

Let’s start with what’s in store for our LHI web site! 

Today, is a soft launch – we were so excited to share information with you we couldn’t wait for everything to be done!  Come on, we live in a time of instant gratification and a girl can get impatient!  So, it was time to pull the trigger!

Our site will soon have design packages you can purchase online, scheduling meetings with me and Shayne right here from our site. We will have a more detailed portfolio up, BUT the most exciting thing??  We will be launching our own online store with products curated by us just for you! Oh, and if that isn’t exciting enough, we will be adding to our blog regularly – you can follow the progress of #44FR right here as well as all of our other projects!  We will also begin to share decorating tips and tricks!  Fun, right? 

Now that I’ve gotten all that fun stuff out of the way, let me introduce myself.

I’m Lisa of the eponymous Lisa Hicks Interiors.  I’ve been many things in my life thus far. I grew up in a small city South of Detroit in CANADA and moved away to the BIG city, Toronto, when I was 19 for University.  I always loved Design—especially Interior Design but I never thought I could have a career in it so I followed a more traditional path in school.  I started in a large University on the outskirts of Toronto with a double major in Sociology and Mass Communications.  I realized quickly, this wasn’t my dream and found a smaller program at a University in the heart of Downtown.  I loved the City.  I loved the vibrancy and creativity.  This University had creative juice flowing through its veins and the business program I was taking allowed me access to intro interior design and fashion courses as well as business and branding and consumer behavior. 

During school, I did many things, worked for a travel tourism company, worked in the buying department for Sears, worked for a retail branding company. In the end, I loved working for the branding company because we worked on both companies’ brands AND their retail environments.  I just loved the retail environments and I was lucky to work on some big client names (companies you would all be very familiar with).  This became my first real career.

 This is where the JUCIER stuff starts

(if you are skimming things first and don’t have a lot of time, start here!)

My life took a shift when I met my now husband. 

I was dating someone for 8 years and he for 6. We had met briefly in France before, but I don’t really remember. He left the night we re-met and said to our mutual friend; “I am going to marry her!” But, you see, I never wanted to get married and I definitely never wanted a wedding.  He and I eloped after knowing each other for 10 months (and having broken up for the last two of those 10 months). We got back together by eloping in a small town an hour outside of Toronto at the Evergreen Senior Center (that’s where civil ceremonies happened only on Friday’s between 1:00 and 3:00pm and they happened to have a cancellation that week that they squeezed us into).  Nobody knew! Our witnesses were surprised by where we were taking them. We had no rings, no flowers, no fancy clothes, no cameras. Just us. The Justice of the Peace knelt down and asked me if I was sure, we shook hands in place of exchanging rings, and we had one picture taken with our Razr flip phone (remember those?!?) that has now been lost to the ether.

This started me on a whole new journey I wasn’t expecting, and I hadn’t planned.

Fast forward. Move to the US, 4 kids within a span of 5 years (no twins!), stay at home mom which was never my dream but grateful for this wonderful (read: challenging, exhausting, mundane and beautiful) time with my kids, new schooling and new careers (nutrition, aromatherapy, herbal medicine and more!), and always design.  Always working with people, helping people with their homes and DIYing my own beautiful historic home.  I needed to keep busy but still be available for my kids while they were little. 

And then, something happened. 

My kids ALL started to grow up.  What! Where did the time go? They were in school ALL-DAY-FIVE-DAYS-A-WEEK! 

This momma wasted no time!!  Freedom!!!
Hey, I love my kids – no guilt, no shame – but sweet mother of crazy they were in school ALL DAY and I was ready.  Itching to do something more….something I loved.  Something that fulfilled me and made me happy.  Something that didn’t feel like work.

And here we are.

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